This single variety, dry white wine is made from the heirloom Greek variety, Malagouzia (Mah lah gou zya`). It is grown in Florina, a region with a long history of wine making.  It has a bright, green-yellow color. It is a complex combination of green flowers and roses with hints of rosemary, dried fig, quince, and tropical fruits, particularly those of mango and melon.  It has a full, vanilla body with a long, fruity, round finish.

Pairs exceptionally well with fatty fish, such as salmon and sea bass; Thai cuisine; and green and fruit salads. 

Best served at 57 – 60 o F

Malagouzia 100%

15 years old vines in loam clay ground with north western exposure from the area of Amideo, Florina in NW Greece

650m altitude, hot summers, cold winters with snow and dry spring season.

Quick de-stemming of the grapes, very fast removal of skin and stems, and then  cryo-extraction , cryo-fermentation at 18o F.  Battonaged for one month after fermentation.

5,000 bottles​