Asyrtiko  - 100%

10  year’s old vineyards in slit and clay ground with northwest exposure, from the area of karditsa , Thessaly.

350 meters altitude, hot summers, chilly winters

Cryo-fermentation in stainless steel tanks at50 oF.  Eight weeks battonage in the tank, using the secondary wine lees, following the winemaking.


This single variety, dry white wine is made from the heirloom Greek variety, Asyrtiko.  It is grown in Filia, an ancient village close to Karditsa in Central Greece, a region with a long history of wine making.  It has a pale, light yellow - green color.  Characterized by the presence of exotic fruits such as grapefruit on the nose, with aromas of lemon blossom and herbs. It is dry, and refreshing on the palate, with a fruity texture, delicate acidity and a mineral dominated finish.

It pairs exceptionally well with fatty fish such as salmon and grilled fish,  white meats, oysters and shell fish,  fatty cheese such as gorgonzola. 

Best served at 57 – 60 o F