Marianne Zarcadoolas


At first glance I might appear an unlikely person to start a company to import Greek wines. I had a long career as an educator, am a native New Yorker, and was 23 years old before I ever stepped foot in Greece. But I grew up with a strong cultural heritage for all things Greek.

After traveling to Greece many times over the years, I discovered that the traditional wines, which I so enjoyed in my travels, were not available back home in the states.  In fact, the Greek wines back home were far inferior to those I enjoyed in Greece.I developed a passion for the traditional varietals, Asyrtiko, Malagouzia, Agiogitiko, and Limnoina. 

I began shipping bottles home for personal consumption.  Guests in my home were always surprised when I revealed that these wines were produced in Greece and equally disappointed when I told them they were not available in the states.  The idea was born to bring these wines to the American market.  I hope you enjoy them.